Getting In The Frame – Colorado Family Photographer

Getting In The Frame – Colorado Family Photographer

I am doing a 52 Project this year.  My goal is to get in the frame once a week.  I love knowing that all of these photos I take of my family will be cherished for years to come.  As the photographer in the family, I tend not to be in the photos.  I am making a conscious effort this year to change that.  I want my children to look back and remember some of our little moments together.  Getting in the frame with the kids is pretty easy.  I just set up the tripod or ask my niece to take a few for me.  Getting in the frame by myself is a struggle.  If feels so unnatural and awkward but I am trying.  I have also connected with some photog moms on Instagram that are doing the same project so I have been so inspired by their creativity.  A few of the women live in Colorado and I actually got to meet them this past weekend.  I will definitely share more about that soon.

Most of the moments I’ve captured have been in our home.  Next week I hope to venture outside with the tripod and explore some of my favorite Colorado locations.  We are so fortunate to live really close to a few state parks.  Not to mention the areas surrounding our neighborhood offer some beautiful scenery and light.  The little kids are much more willing to participate in this project because they love to go on adventures.  I think I will have more luck with my big kids indoors.  They are pretty busy with sports and friends so I haven’t gotten any of myself the my teenagers together.  I guess it’s a good thing this project will take me a year to complete.  I definitely plan on getting my husband involved as well.  He just doesn’t know it yet!

I’m sure you noticed the paint swatches, I’d love to know if you have a suggestion on which color we should paint our bedroom.

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