Exploring Local Gardens – Littleton Family Photographer

Exploring Local Gardens – Littleton Family Photographer

Last summer I started a garden and now I am hooked!  Before then I considered myself to have a “black thumb”.  I usually kill every plant.  I have no idea what changed but I cannot wait to start gardening again.  I found this incredible vintage baby stroller for Izzy and I thought the local nursery in Littleton would be the perfect place to photograph it.  These colors and tones are my favorite!  She had a great time “shopping” and exploring.  I had a great time photographing her and making mental notes for my garden.  Definitely want to add more green and white to my backyard this year.  My goal is to create a really lush scene on one side of the house perfect for photographing my kids during the golden hour.  It would be great to have a dreamy background right in my backyard for those evenings that the ‘witching hour’ is taking over.  I planted about 15 hosta bulbs and a variety of sunflowers along a pathway.  Trying to keep different heights in mind when I prep my garden.  I am on the hunt for a table and chairs set for the kids.  Just can’t decide if it’s worth buying kid-size furniture?  I will definitely continue to share the progress of my garden.  Do you have any garden goals?  I’d love to hear your ideas.

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