One Year Old Photos – Littleton Child and Family Photographer

I had the pleasure of capturing this little beauties one year old photos.  She’s gotten so big and so has her personality since the last time I took her photos.  She has such a sweet and contagious smile.  She was born so early and spent so many of her first weeks in the hospital.  We all suspected it may be a long road for her and her parents as she developed.  But OMG she’s blown us all away!  I think her and her mama we’re absolutely blessed to have each other!  Her mom’s background is in special ed, so she was always researching and making sure she was ahead of the game.  I just love this family!

We were hesitant to shoot on this particular night because the skies were dark and we were worried about rain.  I love how they turned out and when I sent them to her mom she said “L A D Y!!!!! Those pictures are incredible!!! thank you soooooo much for those. i’m thinking the dark skies behind her are the perfect symbol of her big struggles being behind her!”  Amazing!!

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